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Everything Happens For A Reason

About Me


“I am a citizen of the world and my country is humanity” this is how I feel since I started working and getting familiar with different techniques of personal development as coaching and all the places I’ve visited, having the pleasure to work with marvelous people.

As a more professional presentation, I am an ambitious, creative and personable individual with experience in marketing, advertising, communication and event coordination.

I have a career in Marketing, Communication and Publicity, a bachelor in Business Administration, a Master of Marketing Direction and a PostGraduate Degree in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce.

I love to create things, travel, learn, read and sports.

Creative Impact


I have worked international events from around the world

What I do

My Work

I have extensive work experience in different environments, cities, teams, companies, and sectors, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. All these active years allowed me to get an insight into different industries and different points of view.

Nowadays I organize events in Spain, Portugal, Mexico & the USA. I own two companies and I’m developing a personal project about education in the sports sector.

5x Mobile of the Day

5x Mobile of the Day


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Everything Happens For A Reason